About The Wedding Nurse

Gwen.jpg In October of 1963 when I was eleven years old, I saw an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show called “Very Old Shoes, Very Old Rice”.  Because Laura Petrie had lied about her age on her Marriage License, the couple was considered to be “not legally married”. Since they were already the parents of darling little Richie, they had to high-tail it to upstate New York for a quick Marriage Ceremony by a Justice of the Peace.

What took place in that Judges Office stayed with me right into my adult years!! How awesome would it be to be able to marry people? How important would it be to have this responsibility? How creative would it be to write and perform meaningful Ceremonies?

Well, life happened and I went to Nursing School, married, and had two precious daughters. Once they were both in school, I finally sought to achieve the goal I had envisioned way back in 1963.

I requested a Notary Public Commission from Maine’s Secretary of State. I was granted the Commission and sworn in by a Dedimus Justice in 1990. It was a very proud day for me. I immediately started to help an old friend plan her “Big Day”.  I’ll never forget how nervous I was, performing my very first Ceremony. My biggest fear was that I would start crying as soon as the Bride did!

Everything went perfectly and the Ceremony was magical. I knew that I was meant to be doing this wonderful work. And 25 years later, I am still having a grand time helping couples plan memorable beginnings. 

I have since also received a Gubernatorial Appointment as a Dedimus Justice for the State of Maine. My duty is to swear in any person required to make a “Solemn Oath” for a legal document.

As I head into retirement as a Registered Nurse, I look forward to having even more time to help couples begin their lives together.